About Us

Mistika Decor is one of the brands of Sai PVC Decor Pvt. Ltd., the 1st PVC Laminates manufacturer in the Eastern region of India. It was established in the year 2019. Now we are leading provider of various interior decorative products like PVC Laminate, PVC Marble Sheets, PVC Liner and Louvers in over 20 states of India and fast growing.

Our porducts portfolio has a wide range of elegant collection of eco-friendly PVC based interior decorative products in wide range of styles such as: Fabric, Wooden, Metallic, Marble, Solid High Gloss, Abstract, Stones, Deco Panel, Sparkle – for our customers to choose for the interior of their homes and offices and we continue add laetst designs for them.


PVC Laminates

Mistika Decor PVC laminates are 1.25 mm thick. They are perfect for elaborate designs with ridges as they are flexible and can be bent up to 90 degrees along the edges. The adaptable material is water proof, termite proof, fire retardant, which makes Mistika PVC Laminates unique among other decorative surfaces for your interior. With a wide range of colors, patterns, textures of over 200 designs in its collection, Mistika Decor is the best choice for anyone to decorate their any interior space, be it Kitchen, Bathroom, Living area, Bedroom, Lobby, Passage ways or other interior area.

PVC Marble Sheets

Marble Sheets are also known in the market as 3.00 mm or 3.25 mm PVC Laminates. Mistika Decor PVC Marble Sheets are 3.25 mm thick with a collection of 21 designs. At Mistika Decor we also custom develop these with any required THICKNESS and DESIGN. Mistika Decor Marble sheets are used in place of wall paper in Drawing room, any Passage Way, Lobby, Ceiling, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen cabinets, Columns, Doors or any other applicable places. It can be pasted directly on smooth walls using epoxy-based adhesives. For uneven and rough surface mirror screws can be used, as well it can be easily pasted on any substrate like MDF or PLY and used on those surfaces.

Charcoal Louvers

Mistika Charcoal Louvers are the latest craze for wall paneling. We have choice collection of over 50 designs for you to suit any interior design aesthetics you have thought of and Mistika louvers will liven up your wall in no time. They are so easy to use that your interior project turnaround will be quicker than you had imagined. Its usual width is 5 inches with a length of 8 feet that renders it the versality to fit any space and allow several design combination to create your unique wall space.

PVC Liners

At Mistika Decor we have 3 different type of PVC Liners; commonly used white and off-white, color liners and design liners. YES!! We have developed PVC color liners in 10 different colors as well as PVC design liners in 12 designs, for you to match inner surface of your furniture with its decorative surface. It is altogether a different visual experience to have matching inner and decorative surface of the furniture. The soothing visual transition is impeccable in comparison to when you have used whitish inner surface.

Living room

PVC laminate sheets are thin, with thicknesses ranging from 0.05 mm to 2 mm. They are perfect for elaborate designs with ridges since they are flexible and can be bent up to 90 degrees along the edges. The adaptable material lends itself to a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures making it the best for kitchen, wardrobe, living room.

PVC flooring is robust and long-lasting.


PVC flooring is robust and long-lasting. The floor can endure more and will continue to look lovely over time if the core is more sturdy and the PVC top layer is stronger. PVC floor top layers can range in thickness from 0.3 to 0.55 mm. The PVC top layer on each Solidfloor PVC Mansion floor is 0.55 thick.


PVC wall and ceiling panels are extremely water-resistant since they are constructed of a waterproof substance. The ceilings and walls of moist spaces, such as bathrooms, basements, and garages, which are prone to moisture, are best covered with PVC panels.



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